Catching Up: Deanna Style

Heeeeeyyy losers!!! So I have just remembered that I actually HAVE A BLOG. I totally forgot about y’all and I apologize profusely. (Look, I’m giving you a bit of Missouri hick dialect and British dialect all in the same sentence, I should get an award) Anyways, I am going to now spend the rest of my time catching y’all up on what has happened in my life since December. So, here it is.

Well, my nerdy, sexy self (not) has gotten herself a boyfriend. Yes sirree, and he is a complete country boy. Loves to fix things. (I swear, every time I tell him I’m going to break something of his when he’s being mean, he just goes “I’ll fix it” It’s ridiculous.) It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had (2 Months Saturday) He drives a 1995 Chevy truck (Which holy crap, I love. And BTW, if you ever read this, Babe, I hope I got the year right.) AND HE LET ME DRIVE IT. They say if he’s a country boy and he lets you drive his truck, then you’re special. And I am the first girl to ever get to drive his truck. (Granted, it was only around a parking lot, but he tried to get me to drive more and I refused.) BUT I WAS SO EXCITED. LIKE GUYS. HE LOVES ME ENOUGH TO TRUST ME WITH HIS TRUCK.  YAAAAAAASSSSSS. I’M SPPPEEECCCIIIAAALLLL..

Ahem. Now that my fan-girling is over (It’s odd when I do that over a real person, but oh well. I love him. Can’t help that.) Let’s get on to OTHER things. I should move on now, because I could really write a 10 page paper on him and still not be done. And I’m sure y’all don’t want to read that. Anyways, I got a job as a waitress. It’s great, because now I have mooonnneeey. I turned 16 and STILL don’t have my license. Ummmmmm….That’s basically about it. I went to Winter Jam last week and HOLY FRIJOLES I AM IN LOVE WITH JEREMY CAMP. HE IS AWESOME. Anyways….. How have Y’all been doing? Give me some feedback. I guess that’s all for now!

Be kind to one another and God bless!

~Deanna OUT~

Turkeys & ….Well More Turkeys

~Sammy Activated~

Helloooooo misfits!

How was everybody’s Thanksgiving? Mine was good minus the whole “you-have-to-cut-and-stack-wood-all-day” part.

My family is nice sized, but usually we’re all spread out through out the united states, this year 8 people of my family were here along with an extra 6 people from another family for our thanksgiving dinner! It was Preeeeeetty awesome.

Are There any dishes you guys have at thanksgiving that are a MUST?

I think there are three  main things thanksgiving MUST have and that’s


2)mashed Potatoes


We have those EVERY year and oh man so good! We also have green bean casserole (the only casserole i’ll eat), Sweet potatoes with marshmallows (oh so good), Ham, Deviled eggs, coooorn, and pie!

Favorite pies?

We always have pie because thanksgiving is basically the ONLY time of year my family gets dessert! We usually have pumpkin and cherry. This year we actually added a few more pies to the list like minced meat pie (yuck),Oreo pie, coconut creamed pie, and peanut butter pie! My personal favorite is pumpkin pie (made from a can NOT made from scratch) but i do have a soft spot for cherry pie.

How lucky am I?!

I actually got to have Thanksgiving TWICE this year! My boyfriend (Previously known as Cheshire, now known as Patch) and his family Invited me over and his family IS GINORMOUS HOLEY MOLEY MACARONI!!!!! Patch did a head count of all the people at the dinner…the total was 41!!!!!!! I told him “I’m so jealous of your big family you guys are awesome” and he said” Well I pronounce you an honorary member”

❤ He is just so sweeeeeeeet ❤

Having dinner with another (huge) family was really exciting, i mean all my life i’d just had thanksgiving with my family i’d never seen how other families do it. It was so awesome and i’m grateful i have such an amazing boy in my life like Patch.

Well guys, that’s all i have to say for now, Enjoy the rest of the night (day?) Misfits!!!

~Sammy Deactivated~

Talk of Ferguson, Missouri: Seriously people, cut the crap!!

officer~Sammy Activated~ 

-Deanna started-

Okay guys. Today we are going to talk about racism. About what IS racism and what is NOT racism. and we are going to use Ferguson, Missouri as an example of what is NOT racism. Now, Sammy and I live in Missouri. About two hours away from Ferguson. So when I say this, I am not some outsider looking in who thinks she can just butt into some other state’s affairs. No. I live here and it is affecting me as much as everyone else in Missouri.

But here’s the thing guys. When Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown, it was NOT an act of racism. It was an act of an officer protecting his own life. He acted out of self defense. He was not looking at the color of his skin. It wasn’t about the color of his skin until the people of Ferguson made it about the color of his skin! By now, they’re not even rioting for equality. They’re rioting to riot. They’re rioting to get themselves in the news. They don’t even care that they are hurting people! They don’t care that a little boy was killed last night. All they care about is hurting people and getting publicity.

But now I am going to tell you something that hits a little more closer to home for me. On November 2nd, 2014, an officer by the name of Matthew Chism was shot and killed. He was trying to arrest a man by the name of William A. Collins. Officer Chism was only 25 years old and he had a wife and 2 year old son waiting for him at home.  But what connects him to us is that his brother is the music teacher at our elementary school. Mr. Chism and Officer Chism were very close and when Officer Chism was killed, it was very hard on the family.

But here’s my question to you. When Officer Chism was killed, was there any rioting? Was there any breaking news stories, and protesting? No. There wasn’t. And if anything, he deserves it more than Michael Brown ever did!! Michael Brown was a criminal. He was caught on tape stealing just moments before he was killed. He was a criminal and Officer Chism was an innocent man, a young father. He deserves a medal of honor.

But while Michael Brown may have only committed a small count of theft, that was not the reason he was killed. He was killed because he charged an officer, tried to take his gun. He wasn’t some helpless little boy. He was a man over two hundred pounds who attacked an officer much smaller than him.

I know there was some controversy on how many times he was shot. But let me tell you something. If there was a huge man charging you and reaching for your weapon, whether he was black, white, or pink with purple polka dots, you are not going to think twice about shooting. And you’re not going to think about how many times you shoot, either. You’re going to shoot until you think you are completely safe and the assailant is stopped. So if you think he was wrong, just think about how he felt for a moment. Then maybe you’ll understand him for a moment.

Now, let’s talk about the current situation in Ferguson. So, as you know, Officer Wilson was indited last night. He will NOT be charged with the wrongful death of Michael Brown. Which is exactly how it should have been. The law states that you have a right to defend yourself. And if killing is what it takes to protect yourself, then so be it. And officers especially are trained to shoot and kill when they are being charged by a suspect or the suspect is suspected to be dangerous. So to wrap it up, Officer Wilson was just doing his job.

So to close this discussion, I want you all to think about something. If it had been a black officer that had shot a white man, would there have been all of this rioting? All of this violence? I think there would be violence if he were to get charged. Because in the end, it all comes back to “racism”. And that is what is wrong with America today. Every little thing that goes wrong ends up being on the case of “racism”. But what we all need to know is that if someone were to come and murder EVERYONE, all of us, you wouldn’t be able to tell a white person’s bones from a black person’s bones. Because in the end, everyone is the same on the inside.

So, give us your thoughts!! We would love to hear from you!!

God bless and be kind to one another!!


~Sammy Deactivated~


All’s Fair in love and WAAAAAAAR

~Sammy Activated~

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Hello there misfits 😉 this is Sam (A.K.A Sammy) speaking!

I’m really sorry I haven’t even been on except when I said hello (Which was way lamer than way Deanna said, oops), I’ll try to work on that >.< .

I actually HAVE a topic for my post today!yaaaaay! it’s RELATIONSHIPS(of any kind really)

Deanna has brought to my attention the topic of Meg and Kevin’s relationship, or should I say, their megregulationship (I’m so so sorry for my horrible puns)(but it’s so true). Meg basically tells him how to live life, and is very….overbearing-mom-like. For example, last year i was having a conversation with Kevin,and he ended up laughing so hard he cried (happy tears). He wiped his eyes and said, ” Oh man! i could never be like that in front of Meg.”

Um….What? You can’t laugh? Well okay….

Then the stuff with “You can’t hug other girls!” oh sweet mama it’s how the boy says hi! Even better is when Meg told Kevin to tell ME to not comment/like his Facebook statuses (this is when they first started dating and i was still heartbroken over him just randomly dating her after literally the day before saying he liked me a lot… so i can KINDA understand her protectiveness…but….Geez woman.)

I really don’t think it’s a healthy relationship, 1) the chick is in college and is a few learning curves ahead of her boytoy 2)they fight a lot like holy moley guacamole 3) a person needs to be their OWN person in the relationship and as long as they’re faithful and taking care of your needs (AND VICE VERSAAAAA) it really shouldn’t matter what they do….i mean didn’t you like them BECAUSE they acted like that?

Onto the next relationship!!!!

Deanna and i have been friends for….wow almost a year now? i know maybe to others that may not seem that long but i make/lose friends like they’re going out of style. I absolutely adore Deanna, she is beautiful,smart,sassy, funny, and has stood by me even when i really deserved to be deserted. LIKE COULD I EVER GET A BETTER BEST FRIEND?NO PEOPLE. I COULD NOT. She let’s me be myself, the even better part? She accepts it. That’s rare, usually people just…put up with my weirdness but she just flat up

“Oh,you want to get an apartment in London with 30 cats? You better done diddly have me as your roommate or you’re going die”

It’s pretty awesome. I’m going to do my best to not frack up this friendship like i did with my ex-best friend Astrid.(i don’t think my heart will ever heal from the hole i ripped in it after Astrid…I miss her so much….). I will try to always be there for my banana Deanna, and support her when she needs it,because i love  her. (#NOHOMO)

Last but Not Least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My love! Chesher! OOOOh man our story is pretty….whack haha. i met him at school (same day i met Deanna!) Jan 15, and the moment i saw him i was like *faints*, sadly, i’m not even joking. But because all my life people said “love at first sight isn’t real” i just ignored my feeling for him for a bit, and when Astrid asked me who i liked….i lied and said no one….(OH MY GOLLY WHY DID I DO THAAAAAAT). Well it turns out Astrid liked Cheshire too! They ended up dating! while they were dating Cheshire someone managed to become one of my best friends, because he listened to me and actually cared about me. We just said we were like siblings and it was true….we were that close (still are! <3). Then….one day i opened that little box of emotions and realized i had a huge crush on the darn boy. Then after that well crap i fell in love and hit every love branch on the way down. One day when he came over to my house he admitted he liked me too (after pinning me down and making me confess,of course). and we were like “crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap!” because well he was still dating Astrid. Things got worse and i lost my best friend Astrid and while doing that i almost lost Cheshire too. Things have smoothed out a lot though, Cheshire is there for me and supports me (unless he disagrees then he makes it verbally obvious he doesn’t agree). So here we are, still deeply in love and just as goofy as we were before…. FIVE MONTHS HOLY CRAP! We have had man debates Cheshire and i but we’ve stuck together for…..five months…(that’s how long we’ve been dating I’ve known/liked him for 11 months)

It’s raining outside!Yay!!! Better than snow honestly haha, well that’s all my Talk for today misfits! Comment your opinions on…Everything really,we want feedback! Stay warm Misfits!

   ~Sammy Deactivated~ 

Beam me up Scotty. They’re all crazy down here.

Why hello again, you beautiful people. I am sooooo sorry I have not been back on since last month. My computer had a virus and I just got it fixed last night. So, I guess I am just going to catch you all up on what has happened in the last month or so since I hae been on.

Now, remember that boyfriend I told y’all about? Well, he broke up with me. In a NOTE. After two days of ignoring me. On our ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY. Seriously. I had gotten him a present and everything (Childish, I know) and he broke up with me. I was so confused. He had told me he loved me and all this crap. But he just said that we were better as friends and left it at that. We’re still kind of friends, but not nearly as much as we were before we ever even started dating. But I am going to be truthful here. He completely broke my heart. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself. I find myself wanting to message him, wanting to talk to him. And it sucks royally. I always thought that I wouldn’t be one of those girls who lets a break up get in her way. Well, I was wrong.

But Sammy helped me tremendously. She even went as far as not judging me when I dragged her into the girl’s bathroom after school and sobbed my eyes out. (Yes, I sobbed over a guy. For all you major feminists out there, get over it. It is completely normal for a girl to cry over a boy. Crying over them doesn’t make us weak. It makes us stronger and helps us not to get hurt more often.) So when she reads this, she better know that I love her.

The good thing is that I got a good friend out of this. It was my ex boyfriend’s identical twin brother. (No, I am not going to pursue him) We were friends before, but now we talk a LOT more and he is my 2nd best friend I have, with Sammy in the lead. But for today, we are going to talk about him, and we are going to talk about relationships. And after this, I want you all to give your opinion in the comments or in the feedback. So, let’s begin.

Now, my friend, who we will call Kevin for the time being to keep him anonymous, is in a relationship. He is 1 month younger than me (15 years old) and last year while we were still freshman in high-school (9th grade) and he was only 14,  he started dating this girl who was a senior (12th grade) and 18 years old. We’ll call her Meg. Anyways, so Kevin started dating Meg and at first, it was kind of weird because Kevin had told Sammy that he had liked her and then turned around and started dating Meg soon after. So, I wasn’t really all for it because HELLO! She’s my best friend and he just kind of stomped her soul. So after that died down (Sammy got over it, which I was proud of. Like, you go girl!!) it was kind of cute-ish, but I still thought it was kind of weird because she was so much older than him, and to tell you the truth, he is a 5 year old on the inside. Plus, I had always thought he was gay. (Which Sammy informed him of almost instantly after I had told her my thought. That posed for an interesting conversation. He still holds that against me TO THIS DAY.)

So after the weirdness of it all had initially died down, we started to see the bad sides of this relationship. First off, she calls him ‘Child’. SERIOUSLY? If you are going to date him, treat him as an equal. Not as someone younger than you. News flash guys, when you are dating someone, I’m sure they would not liked to be called ‘Child’. Or ‘Kid’. Those are big no-no’s. So besides that, they fight all the time. And Kevin’s twin, who we’re going to call Metatron FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, hates her too. They fight worse than anyone I’ve ever met in my life.

So they fight all of the time. But the worse thing, the thing that I think makes it an unhealthy relationship, is her amount of jealousy. He is not even allowed to talk to other girls whenever she is around. And it’s horrible because it’s like a family trait for him to hug everyone. He just has a lot of friends. So whenever he goes to talk to or hug anyone of the other gender, she will grab him say “We talked about this. You’re not allowed to do that” and drag him away.

And by now I know you are all probably thinking “Well, he has a girlfriend, so he shouldn’t be hugging other girls anyways.” But you have to understand. It went WAY farther than that. When Metatron broke up with me (Wow, that would make for a good fanfic.) I was so freaking sad. So Kevin started hanging out with me more. And it was literally only 1 week after he had broke p with me when she started getting jealous. She had come back from college (We’re sophmores now so she’s a freshman in college) and we were at church and I was sitting all alone, so he came to hug me and he got like a foot away and she grabbed him and DRAGGED him into the other room. I was like “Woah there” because seriously, I was still upset over losing my first boyfriend and she expected me to try and steal him away already.

The latest thing to happen was a couple weeks ago, we had a math competition. So me and Kevin and a big group of our friends were taking selfies while we were waiting for the results (I got 3rd place out of about 21 people in the Algebra 2 division. Woot woot!!) and we took a lot. But there was one where it was just the two of us. And in the pic, our hair looks exactly the same color (It looked blonde in the pic. We both have dark-ish brown hair) and we both had glasses and blue eyes, so we seriously looked like we were related. And he always calls my mother his mom so we sent it to her saying something like “Mom, is there something you’re not telling us?” and it was a joke. But I used it as my profile pic on Facebook because it was a good pic and I actually looked good in it. And let’s face it, it’s hard for me to look good in ANYTHING. But she made this HUGE deal about it. The next day, we were working in Geometry and Metatron comes up and says “You caused a HUGE fight between Kevin and Meg. About your profile pic.” and I was then informed that this was their first real fight. So then I felt bad.

But my point is, after all of this rant, I honestly don’t think he is in a healthy relationship. And NO. I am not jealous. I don’t like him or have a crush on him. He is just one of my really good friends. I don’t like to see any of my friends hurting or being pushed around.

So, send us your opinions!! Especially you Opinionated Man. I saw that you followed our blog and I am hoping that your user name has some truth to it. 😉 It has been fun writing this. It’s always interesting when you get to call your friend Kevin and your ex Metatron when their real names are nothing like that. All I know is that the next time I see Kevin and Meg, and Meg’s giving him crap, the only thing I am going to be thinking is “Beam me up Scotty. They’re all crazy down here.”

 God Bless and Be kind to one another!!!



Hey nerds! So, I don’t know if this is normal for a blog, but I am going to be posting on this blog as well. Me and my best friend Samantha (Sammy) , who started the blog, are going to be doing this blog together, kind of a question and answer debate kind of thing. And no, THESE OUR NOT OUR REAL NAMES. I mean, for those of you who watch the show “Supernatural” (THE BEST SHOW ON THE PLANET) then you would know that we have just feminized the names of the main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester. (Otherwise known as Sad and Dead, but we will get to that later) you can also call me Squirrel and Sammy Moose if you want to. I like both so it really doesn’t matter to me. 🙂

Now, let’s talk about me!! (Exciting, I know). First thing you should know is that I am 15 going on 16 in four months. I am a MAJOR nerd and up until three weeks ago tomorrow, I had never had a boyfriend before IN MY LIFE. He is awesome and he has an identical twin brother. I sing with them. Their voices are beautiful. I love to read and write. I am currently working on two book right now, to which I am procrastinating majorly. My favorite book series are Harry Potter, The Gone Series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, anything written by Stephen King, The Fault in Our Stars, anything written by Jodi Picoult, The Mortal Instruments, and The Inheritance Series. I am a fangirl. I love Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hetalia (Italy is just so cute!! And man are Germany, America, and England HOT) and MISHA COLLINS. If I had to tell you why I liked him, I would just say his name because MISHA COLLINS. I mean, who wouldn’t be awesome with that name? I also LOVE The Walking Dead. Now come on girls (And guys if you roll that way) you cannot say that Daryl Dixon is not smoking hot. I swear on my soul, I will go down into my grave loving country boys. I just love him.

Now, I am just going to throw this out here and if it offends you, then don’t read this blog. Because this will be one of the major topics I bring up. Carrying on, I am a MAJOR CHRISTIAN. And not one of those fake ones, you know who I am talking about. The ones that say they are Christians and go to church, but then go straight to school and start cussing and being very rude and judgmental. I hate that. I don’t see how someone can say they have given their life to Jesus and then turn right around and do the things that he has said specifically not to do. I mean, come on people! The man gave his life to get our sins forgiven, the least you could do is give him your time of day and follow his teachings. I have given my life to him and I follow him with everything I have. I slip up and go off path, but that just means that I am human. That’s what humans do! They screw up. And here’s a news flash for you people: Jesus forgives you for all of your sins! He doesn’t care if you’re black, white, Mexican, Chinese, German, yellow, pink and purple polka-dotted. He doesn’t care what your sexuality is. He just loves you for you and y’all need to see that and get some JESUS in your life before he comes back. Because it’s happening, and it’s happening quick. So if you are not on that band-wagon, then GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

Anyways, this isn’t very long or anything, but introduction posts never are. So, I will see y’all later and I hope you come back to read more. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed from my “y’all”s and other things, I am from the U.S, and I am from one of the more southern states, so just get used to it! God bless, and be kind to one another!



Hello world!

Man! i’ve attempted to make two blog in two days! maybe this software will work better for me?i like it so far…
Like it says in my About the Misfits page i am Samantha! Or sam for short. yesterday i tried to make a blog and well, it was really complicated and my brain just wasn’t absorbing the info (then again it was 12 at night…) but this layout of blogging is way cool!